Vape Juice

The freebase vape juice collection from Vapor World offers a comprehensive selection of vaping liquids characterized by their classic nicotine formulation. Each bottle within this collection contains a precisely balanced blend of ingredients, allowing for efficient nicotine delivery and consistency in every puff.

With varying ratios of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), these vape juices offer a versatile range of vapor production and flavor intensity. Our freebase vape juice collection underscores their dedication to providing vapers with a straightforward and customizable vaping option.

Freebase vape juice nicotine strength ranges from 0mg, for those who prefer no nicotine content, up to 18mg or 20mg for heavy puff taker transitioning into vaping. Some common levels include 3mg and 6mg, which are suitable for moderate smokers.

Whether you prefer tobacco-inspired flavors, fruity notes, dessert profiles, or other taste experiences, the collection encompasses a wide spectrum of choices for users seeking a traditional vaping encounter.

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